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To be the market leader in delivering internationally recognized medical equipment and solutions to healthcare companies in Qatar.


Commitment to business ethics.

Commitment to confidentiality in business.

Commitment to high quality services.

Commitment to continuous improvement.

aamal medical

About Aamal Medical

Aamal Medical is a leading supplier of medical equipment in Qatar, delivering medical equipment consultancy, connectivity, IOT, consumables, services, and project execution (ranging from implementing hospital information systems, establishing operating theaters, and supporting ambulance and emergency healthcare services).

Since the 1970s, the Qatari healthcare market has grown and evolved significantly, requiring us to adjust our offerings accordingly. Aamal Medical combines over five decades of experience to identify, deliver, and implement the latest and most sustainable medical solutions from all over the world to clients. Today, Aamal Medical is much more than a distributor. We support our clients through the entire process of sourcing, delivering and implementing medical equipment.

Underpinning Aamal Medical’s success is our agility in remaining up to date with the latest global trends and international standards in the healthcare industry, our ability to tailor healthcare solutions to clients’ needs and expectations, and our exceptional access to high-quality solutions from Masimo, GE, Olympus and Stryker – known for their market and quality leadership.

Access to cutting-edge, high-quality products is key to Aamal Medical’s success. Accordingly, we have established strategic partnerships with companies such as Olympus, the global leader in endoscopy, to ensure we continue to offer first-class products and services.  Aamal Medical will continue to explore  the global market to bring the best healthcare solutions to Qatar.

Aamal Medical will continue to explore the introduction to Qatar of the latest healthcare technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’), stem cell therapy, mobile health and telemedicine.

aamal medical