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Sherif Shehata
In picture Mr. Sherif Shehata, General manager Aamal Medical


Message from GM


Driven by the vision of Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim, Founder and Chairman of Aamal Company Q.P.S.C., one of the region’s leading businesses, Aamal Medical has become a commercial success story and a well-known key pillar of Qatar’s medical equipment market.


Aamal Medical benefits from the strength, stability and resilience provided by being a subsidiary of Aamal Company.  But I would also like to highlight another aspect of our company that has made our success story possible. Aamal Medical is a team of highly competent, high-caliber professionals who are all very aware of their important roles and responsibilities. We fully understand that being the leading distributor of medical equipment in Qatar is a privilege and, at the same time, a social responsibility which underpins our commitment to our clients, healthcare professionals, end users, patients and the local community. Our team continuously keeps updated with the latest know-how in our field and ensures that the equipment we deliver to hospitals and healthcare centers always meets international standards and our clients’ needs.

Being a part of Aamal Medical’s team is being a part of a family that started back in the 1970s, a team that contributes to saving lives, maintaining patients’ health, and making healthcare professionals’ daily work run more smoothly. Our experience over the years means that we are always thinking ahead and preparing quality solutions for future market needs.

Best Regards,

Sherif Shehata

General Manager