We, Aamal Medical W.L.L., a leading distributor and healthcare service provider for medical sector, issue the herein statement to express the company’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of its performance. Our social responsibility, market-oriented approach and a drive to increase the company’s market share, motivate the Aamal Medical Team of highly qualified professionals to ensure products and services delivered by us meet customers’ expectations, needs and requirements. The aforementioned is aimed to be achieved by:

  1. establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015 standard that clarifies employees’ duties and secures the products’ and services’ consistency throughout procedures,
  2. emphasis on continuous improvement through constant market analysis and employee training,
  3. establishing yearly goals that correspond to the current market situation,
  4. eliminating nonconforming outputs by learning from our experience and customer feedback,
  5. defining the entity’s strengths based on customers’ feedback and emphasizing them,
  6. minimizing risks related to our scope of activities,
  7. taking opportunities to develop our business,
  8. promoting quality awareness among Aamal Medical Team.
    The Management, with General Manager as a leader, intends to promote and execute the herein policy among Aamal Medical W.L.L.’ s Employees.

Sherif Shehata
General Manager