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Aamal Medical is one of the leading medical equipment suppliers in Qatar, specializing in the sale of:
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RIEDL PHASYS (PHarmacy Automation SYStem) was born from the collaboration between a group of German engineers active for twenty years in the field of pharmacy automation.

The technology represents the best available on the market in terms of performance, precision and reliability.Simplicity and efficiency are the paradigms of the RIEDL PHASYS system.

All the technology is concentrated in the gripper, powered directly by the moving axes and connected to the controller , server via a Wi-Fi network.

All the rest is just “furniture”, which does not need any special maintenance. The revolutionary features of automatic alignment of the packs and self-leveling of the shelves ensure the continuity of the service, eliminating inefficiencies and machine frequent stops, typical of all other automation systems.

RIEDL PHASYS is designed and tailored according to the needs, in terms of space and number of packages handled daily.

It is extremely flexible and can adapt to any local, using the full available height in order not to waste useful space.


Highly innovative gripper

Full wireless, no cables

High performance

Extremely reliable

Simple, modular, flexible and customizable

Low start-up and operation costs

Gripper of highly innovative technology Self-solve of misalignment packs

Low costs of purchase, maintenance and operation

Low consumptions

Quick ROI


·         Faster sharing

·         Better patient flow

·         Higher value care

·         Quality experience

·         Faster sharing

·         Better patient flow

·         Higher value care

·         Quality experience


Solutions for

Hospitals and Health Systems

Simplifying processes, driving greater organisational efficiencies and improving patient outcomes.

With limited resources, increasing costs and growing system complexities, healthcare providers require new and innovative ways of delivering services to their patients.

Seamlessly connecting information across systems and departments is crucial for clinicians to make more informed decisions and deliver meaningful treatment plans. Every clinician involved in patient care needs actionable information in real-time in order to deliver high quality outcomes, cost effectively.

Orion Health has been developing and delivering solutions for hospitals and health systems for over 25 years. Our fully integrated health system helps to reduce duplication, save time, and improve patient safety, through faster and more efficient sharing of information.